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Riverside Clinic recognises the highly addictive and harmful nature of ICE (Crystal Methamphetamine) and, in response, has opened up Riverside Clinic Sanctuary with an innovative framework that specialises in the treatment of ICE misuse and addiction.

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ICE Addiction Treatment Melbourne

A highly destructive drug with no regard for social standing, cultural background or socioeconomic status, ICE is devastating individuals, families and communities. At Riverside Clinic we strive to repair the destruction caused on a personal level within the suffering individual and heal the damage inflicted on the family unit. We also make long-term recovery possible by advancing standards and practices in the field of addiction treatment.

The treatment approach for individuals rehabilitating from ICE is unique in comparison to other best practice treatment models. This is widely due to the harms associated with ICE, including psychological manifestations such as aggression and psychosis alongside a visible and often long term physical deterioration. At Riverside Clinic we offer a distinct intervention and rehabilitation service for individuals requiring withdrawal and rehabilitation from ICE misuse.

Our clinicians at Riverside Clinic Sanctuary have demonstrated experience in the management of Crystal Methamphetamine dependent individuals. This experience, and ongoing professional development in the field of neuroscience and cognitive restructuring, enables our clinicians to deliver individualised and cutting edge treatment methods.

The current scourge in ICE has been widely publicised Australia wide, alongside the apparent lull in viable and effective treatment options. Riverside Clinic is available as a quality, progressive, rehabilitation service. We have gone that extra step to offer unique, individually tailored solutions; we are here to help.

Addressing the mental health problems that arise due to crystal meth

According to the Australian Drugs Foundation, around 6.3% of Australians over the age of 14 have tried crystal meth. Unfortunately, the mental health problems that can arise from recreational use are profound and life-changing for ice users. While those who take crystal meth may feel an enjoyable ‘high’ while the drug is in their system, the low that follows can lead to depression. In some instances, they might fail to find satisfaction when they feel normal. Additionally, routine methamphetamine users may experience the following effects of ice:

  • Sleepless nights
  • An inability to function at work
  • Poor personal relationships
  • Out-of-character behaviours that result in social isolation

At Riverside Clinic, the team recognises that ICE drug use has the potential to cause significant harm. One moment a user of illicit drugs may function well in their daily life, the next they can find themselves facing a brutal struggle. Fortunately, inpatient drugs and alcohol programs can help to tackle the issue. With a holistic approach, a methamphetamine user stands a stronger chance of a stable life.

Finding the right support for crystal meth withdrawal

No two addicts will face the same struggle. While some ICE users will depend on the drug to make their way through everyday activities, others may escalate to the stage where they encounter psychosis. Those experiencing drug psychosis can encounter:

  • Dangerous thoughts of persecution
  • Developing strange beliefs that are untrue
  • Hallucinations, including visual and auditory

Owing to the range of challenges an ICE user may face, it’s necessary to create a bespoke program that replaces the user’s sense of helplessness with one of empowerment. Their journey begins with a unique assessment from the clinicians at Riverside Clinic, which will then set the tone for the rest of their recovery.

When ICE users come to the Riverside Clinic, they want to ‘feel normal’ again. Achieving this often depends on the support they have in the outside world. For example, if a recovering ICE drug user is likely to enter an environment where other meth addicts exist, they’re more likely to start using the drug despite any high-tech interventions a clinician introduces. Methamphetamine users may benefit from an intense inpatient recovery period, where they won’t expose themselves to situations where they become vulnerable.

Restoring a sense of meaning to a recovering ICE user’s life

At Riverside Clinic, each of the facilities rests amongst tranquil settings. While here, those who require drug rehab can manage their withdrawal symptoms under the guidance of well-trained professionals. Each clinician will guide them through their ICE drug recovery journey, including the easing of symptoms such as:

  • Breathlessness
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Anxiety and periods of violence
  • Needing to take more drugs to cope with life or achieve the same effect
  • Managing financial, work, and social issues

When those struggling with a crystal meth addiction attend the Riverside Clinic, they begin a journey that will allow them to bring a sense of meaning back to their life. We know that once they take hold of an individual, methamphetamines can destroy coping mechanisms, ruin relationships, and destruct careers.

After a comprehensive assessment, we take a unique approach to each person’s treatment program. The recommendations we make consider their social circumstances, giving them a solid platform for reaching a full recovery.


Intensive Residential

30 days

We offer this short term, residential, program as a circuit breaker for individuals in crisis.

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Comprehensive Residential

90 days

Research indicates that most individuals require a minimum of 90 days in treatment to begin to arrest the addictive cycle.

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Our patients


Ash H. – ex-drug addict

Patient of Riverside Clinic

At 39, steel-fixer and ship foreman Ashley checked himself into rehab to kick an addiction to alcohol and other drugs, a dependence he traces to a workplace accident in which he almost lost his hand and which led to many years of heavy pain medication.

Family support

At Riverside Clinic we treat both the individual suffering from addiction and the loved ones whose lives have been profoundly impacted.

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