Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction is not something that can be overcome alone. Riverside Clinic has been established as a safe haven for individuals to overcome their addiction to drugs with innovative treatment methods that address the root of the addictive disorder, rather than the struggles of the addict.

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For those who suffer from addiction to illicit drugs, it can feel as if the ability to control one’s life has become elusive. Everything loses its value when compared to the intense focus on the next high. Whether it is abuse of cocaine, methamphetamine, heroine or opiates, the downward spiral of addiction, desperation and eventually, destruction, is almost impossible to turn around without professional help.

At Riverside Clinic Sanctuary, the goal of our drug addiction treatment program is to replace this sense of helplessness with one of empowerment. The transition from a life overshadowed by substance abuse to regaining control can be different for every individual who suffers from an addictive disorder. Our clinicians are able to address the unique challenges of everyone who comes into our clinic. No matter how long the addiction has existed, what drug is being abused or whatever the background​, we can help.

We are committed to offering cutting edge, effective therapies for drug addiction. Through ongoing training in the most advanced treatments and a dedication to supporting our clients on their personal journey to recovery, we are not only able to promote long-term recovery, but also to help each individual restore a sense of meaning to their life.

Too many Australians are suffering from drug addiction or watching a loved one suffer – but there is a way out. Riverside Clinic offers holistic treatment and high-quality care that makes recovery possible.


Intensive Residential

30 days

We offer this short term, residential, program as a circuit breaker for individuals in crisis.

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Comprehensive Residential

90 days

Research indicates that most individuals require a minimum of 90 days in treatment to begin to arrest the addictive cycle.

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Our patients


Ash H. – ex-drug addict

Patient of Riverside Clinic

At 39, steel-fixer and ship foreman Ashley checked himself into rehab to kick an addiction to alcohol and other drugs, a dependence he traces to a workplace accident in which he almost lost his hand and which led to many years of heavy pain medication.

Family support

At Riverside Clinic we treat both the individual suffering from addiction and the loved ones whose lives have been profoundly impacted.

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