Treatment options

Comprehensive Residential Treatment

Research indicates that most individuals require a minimum of 90 days in treatment to begin to arrest the addictive cycle.

The best treatment outcomes occur with longer durations of treatment that include an integration adjunct followed by continued aftercare.

This program delivers our structured therapeutic timetable over a 90-day period and includes the support of Riverside Clinic Family Program.

During treatment our clients have access to quality medical and psychiatric care, one on one counselling, comprehensive case management along with individualised personal development plans and life coaching; focused on successful reintegration into a new life.

Along with 24hr care and supervision, this program offers locally sourced fresh produce and nutritional meal plans, personal fitness training, yoga; along with individual, group and alternative therapies.

After residential treatment at Riverside Clinic Sanctuary we offer our clients the opportunity to participate in ongoing care through our Integration and Outpatients Program. This model of intensive treatment, reintegration support and continued aftercare helps ensure a foundation for long term success.