Alcohol Addiction Treatment

When an individual is addicted to alcohol, both the alcoholic and the alcoholic’s loved ones suffer. Riverside Clinic understands how complex alcohol addiction can be and the challenges both the addict and family members face. That is why we offer a comprehensive, progressive alcohol addiction treatment program in order to empower individuals to take back control of their lives.

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Alcohol addiction is often misunderstood because so many Australians consume alcohol in moderation and lead normal, healthy lives. Unlike other substances, alcohol is both legal and socially acceptable. As a result, the destruction that can result from alcohol addiction is often underestimated until a drastic event occurs, such as the end of a relationship, an accident, job loss or serious illness.

At Riverside Clinic, our goal with our alcohol addiction treatment is to show individuals how to take back control of their lives and to replace the sense of despair and disempowerment, which is often the root of addiction, with one of hope and confidence. Alcoholism is a disease. With proper, professional treatment, the addiction to alcohol can be overcome and individuals can go on to thrive in their lives.

Our clinicians have years of experience in working with alcohol dependent individuals and know how to reach out to the person rather than further giving relevance to the alcoholism. Committed to offering quality, forward-thinking care, they continue to enhance their knowledge and skill with ongoing professional development for alcohol addiction treatment.

Alcohol addiction is not an end. Riverside Clinic is here to offer caring and effective rehabilitation services that can transform lives. This is not something that can be overcome alone; we are here to help.


Intensive Residential

30 days

We offer this short term, residential, program as a circuit breaker for individuals in crisis.

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Comprehensive Residential

90 days

Research indicates that most individuals require a minimum of 90 days in treatment to begin to arrest the addictive cycle.

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Our patients


Amanda F. – ex-alcohol addict

Patient of Riverside Clinic

Amanda booked herself into rehab from her beach house in a fit of drunken desperation. “I’m ringing them and I’m ringing my husband saying I’ve got to go here otherwise I’m going to drink myself to death or die.”

Family support

At Riverside Clinic we treat both the individual suffering from addiction and the loved ones whose lives have been profoundly impacted.

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