About Riverside Clinic

About us

Our treatment approach here at Riverside Clinic is innovative, multi-faceted and holistic.

Riverside Clinic is a Melbourne based addiction treatment service for individuals with substance abuse disorders and accompanying conditions.

We specialise in the treatment of addictive disorders to alcohol, illicit and prescription drugs; and co-occurring mental health issues. Riverside Clinic is committed to quality care; we deliver cutting edge treatment services, combined with best practice models of therapeutic management, at our residential facility.

Misson Statement

To provide quality, effective addiction treatment services through advanced, best practice client care.

We aim to develop an individual’s capacity to pursue an unimpaired and meaningful life through abstinence and restoration of the physical, emotional and spiritual self.

Our values



We empower the individual to confront and overcome their addiction issues, commencing a transformation process.



We build the individuals capacity to effectively reintegrate as valued members of both their families and the wider community.



We assist the pursuit of an unimpaired and meaningful life through abstinence, and restoration of the physical, emotional and spiritual self.



We encourage the individual to take personal responsibility for themselves thereby enabling them to take control of their lives.

Riverside Clinic was founded in 2015 to deliver quality addiction treatment services for individuals and their families affected by addiction.

Our team, from management level executives to our treating clinicians, bring a wealth of personal and professional experience to our treatment services.

Invaluable professional and personal experience.

Riverside Clinic offers dedicated staff with industry standard qualifications and extensive professional experience in the field of addiction treatment. We are committed to the provision of effective treatment services and quality care.