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Someone I love needs help
Someone I love needs help

I need help
I need help

Drug addiction is a painful and destructive vice.
We are here to help.

Riverside Clinic is a Melbourne based addiction treatment service for individuals with substance abuse disorders and accompanying conditions.

We specialise in the treatment of addictive disorders to alcohol, illicit and prescription drugs; and co-occurring mental health issues. Riverside Clinic is committed to quality care; we deliver cutting edge treatment services, combined with best practice models of therapeutic management, at our residential facility.

Treatment Options

Treatment Options

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Riverside Clinic Sanctuary

Riverside Clinic Sanctuary

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what people say

Hi my name is Anthony and I was the first client at the riverside clinic!! It’s not really a clinic , it is an amazing place where the people are amazing and really care, where you begin to get loved back to life!!

Anthony, 33Patient 2015

With the support of the staff and the therapeutic community, I began to laugh. I began to feel human. I was surrounded by other recovering addicts who understood what I was going through. I started to have hope that life could be different for me on the outside.

Anjou, 25Patient 2016

The facilities were serene and comforting, and the program run by management was done with true professionalism and I have been equipped with the best tools & strategies to now continue my life happy & drug free.

Marta, 33Patient 2016

Very ethical establishment, where the workers really care about the well being of those at Riverside. This place has changed the life of a loved one and I couldn’t recommend this establishment more to those who are ready to live a life of happiness…

Danya, 34Patient 2016

Hi my name is Madison and I’m a former client of Riverside clinic.
I’m writing this letter in the hope that you find insight and understanding of my time at the clinic and how it has affected me on my journey of recovery from drug addiction.
I am 23 years old and a former ice addict, , my story is a long one full of despair, self-loathing and crippling events that brought me to my knees many times.
I seemed to have reached a fork in the road either carry on digging at rock bottoms, jail time or keep putting myself in dangerous situations that no young female should have to face. I Chose Rehab. I was tired, I was scared and I was broken. Drugs had taken my life away from me, I was not me anymore.
I remember arriving at the sanctuary thinking where the hell am I? I had sussed out my location and exit strategies but what I didn’t realise was that I no longer had to run anymore. I felt safe, I felt protected and I had finally found somewhere that I could relax, unwind and start my detox from a steady lifespan of painful substance abuse.
I became comfortable not only with my peers who were also addicts in the early stages of recovery but the support workers, many of whom all had past personal experiences of addiction. I felt like someone finally understood me, for so long my parents and family had shamed me for the path I had chosen, like I had a choice whether or not I could stop using drugs. I worked really hard on myself at the Riverside clinic, I wanted change and was ready to start living a better life. I was encouraged every step of the way to recreate the best version of myself. It was hard but it was so worth it. I completed my stay at the Sanctuary and received ongoing support with my exit plan and reintegration back into society.
Today I can look in the mirror with pride and smile at the young woman staring back knowing that I kicked my drug addiction to the curb, I can hold my head high and with self-respect say I’m 17 months clean and I made it.
So with my heart filled with gratitude and passion I say to Riverside thank you for making me see that I can live a clean, sober and fulfilling life. I am one of the lucky ones and without your help my story may not have been so successful.

Madison, 23Patient 2016